Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Vanessa Marcil

Vaness Marcil is an American actress who you might know from a variety of different television roles. She is best known today for the part that she plays on Las Vegas but she has also been known from previous roles on Beverly Hills 90210 and General Hospital. Fans of any of those shows may know that Marcil has tattoos on her body. And regular readers of this blog know that she's in the process of getting those tattoos removed. A new report indicates that the original reasons she stated for getting laser tattoo removal may not have been the truth. She was originally reported to be getting the tattoos removed because they reminded her of her wild days and she's now ready to settle down. While that may be a partial truth, the new report suggests that she's planning a conversion to Judaism and is removing the body art in conjunction with that change. Question of the Day: What's the real reason behind the celebrity tattoo removal that Vanessa Marcil is having done?

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