Celebrity Tattoo Removal Rumor: Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal has a number of different tattoos on his body. Is he thinking about getting one of the most famous of those tattoos removed? That's the suggestion made by a sports columnist in a recent article about Shaq's poor playing as of late. He writes:

Miami center Shaquille O'Neal, perhaps now seeking a tattoo-removal specialist to erase the "S" from his biceps, was no threat at all. (source)

The "S" in question is a Superman tattoo which is meant to be a testimony to Shaq's skills on the court. However, reporters are saying that it no longer displays the truth about Shaq's abilities:

"Shaquille O'Neal still has a huge tattoo on his left arm declaring himself a man of steel, with a Superman S to accent the assertion. It is the only Superman-like thing about him right now." (source)

So is it true that Shaquille O'Neal is looking into celebrity tattoo removal or is it just a rumor started at the suggestion of sports enthusiasts who don't think that he has a right to keep displaying signs of being a Superman that he no longer is? If it's true that Shaq is looking at tattoo removal, it shouldn't be too difficult of a procedure. Laser tattoo removal generally works well on single-color tattoos. The fact that the tattoo is fairly small in comparison with many tattoos (and the sheer size of his body) helps to make sure that laser tattoo removal is effective. Question of the Day: Do you think Shaq's got tattoo removal planned?

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