Celebrity Tattoo Removal Retrospective: Vanessa Marcil

You might not recognize Vanessa Marcil's name right off the bat (unless you're a celebrity hound) but you'd probably recognize her from a picture. She is best known for her movie role against Nicolas Cage in The Rock and her television roles on Beverly Hills 90210 and Las Vegas. She's also known for being super sexy. Earlier this year, she made one blogger's list of the top ten sexiest tattooed celebrities. But the tattoo that put her on the list isn't on her body anymore. Reported to be a symbol of universal love and peace, the tattoo once adorned her lower back, that "bull's eye spot" where a tattoo can make men go wild. But according to an interview that Vanessa did last year with TVGuide, she didn't want to be so wild anymore. She reported that the tattoo was a part of her "younger days" and that she "didn't want to look at it anymore". And she said that getting celebrity tattoo removal was an easy decision to make. Vanessa may not be able to make top ten lists for sexy tattoos but even after the tattoo removal, she's a sexy gal. Question of the Day: Was Vanessa hotter with or without the tattoo? photo link
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