Celebrity Tattoo Removal Mistake: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, was the victim of false news reports that she had undergone celebrity tattoo removal. Beckham, who is of course married to celebrity soccer player David Beckham, has a tattoo that commemorates her love for her honey. The tattoo starts on her neck and crawls down her spine, and although you need to be able to read Hebrew to understand it, it memorializes the couple's devotion to one another. So Beckham was understandably unhappy when, not too long ago, celebrity pictures came out of her sans tattoo. Did Victoria Beckham really get celebrity tattoo removal to eradicate this memory? No, not at all. The removal was done through the simple process of airbrushing the tattoo out of the picture. Perhaps publicity folks didn't think that the Spice Girls needed to be displaying their committed, monogamous love to their fans. In any case, Beckham wasn't pleased. She didn't go through all of the trouble of getting the tattoo only to have people wondering if she'd had it lasered away. If the Beckhams do experience trouble in paradise, at least Victoria will know what she looks like without the message to her hubby adorning her sexy back. After all, laser tattoo removal isn't that difficult of a process. There's no need for it yet but even Posh Spice could find that one day things aren't looking so bright.

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