Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Denise Richards

When Denise Richards got married to Charlie Sheen back in 2002, she sealed her love with more than a kiss. Inspired by Sheen's act of getting her name tattooed on his wrist, Richards returned the favor by getting Charlie's name on her ankle. (The old story can be read here.) When will these celebrities learn that the relationships rarely last as long as the ink? Luckily there is tattoo removal to help remedy the mistakes that star-crossed lovers hastily make. Denise Richards has joined the ranks of women in Hollywood who have gotten celebrity tattoo removal after their relationships failed to work out. Okay, she's only sort of joined their ranks ... she didn't go ahead and get laser tattoo removal but instead got a tattoo cover-up of a fairy where Sheen's name used to be. Some would suggest that she should have gone for the full removal. After all, she's always going to know that her ex's name is under there even if she doesn't have to see it in its original form anymore. But perhaps the cover-up - along with a change back to her unmarried name - will be enough to let Richards forget the past and move on with her life. Question of the Day: Should Denise Richards have gotten laser tattoo removal or is the cover-up enough?

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