Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Charles Godfrey

People who follow the sport of football might be familiar with Charles Godfrey. He's a college senior who is currently a top pick for the professional football draft. There are a few different teams interested in having him join their ranks. Godfrey's first choice is to be drafted by the Texans. It wouldn't be hard to figure this out if you saw him since he went ahead and got a nice Texans tattoo on his hand for all of the world to see. That's fine and dandy but it might not be the Texans that Godfrey ends up playing for. It is believed that the Patriots are going to draft Godfrey to play on their team. That's good news for Godfrey since they're willing to give him a decent-sized check for joining up with them. However, they aren't likely to be too keen on having another team's logo tattooed on one of their players. There's a good chance that if Godfrey gets drafted by The Patriots, he's going to have to start thinking seriously about getting some laser tattoo removal. Or he's going to have to learn to defend himself against a whole lot of verbal attacks. Question of the Day: Do you think Godfrey should get tattoo removal now or wait for the results of the draft? photo link
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