Celebrity Tattoo Removal Candidate: Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh is a reality television star who was previously featured on the show Big Brother. She is known for doign all kinds of stunts to try to get and to remain in the public eye. The most recent of these is that she has decided to get a tattoo. People are already saying that she needs to consider immediate laser tattoo removal for this tattoo because the tattoo is so hideous that she shouldn't have gotten it in the first place. What is the tattoo, you might ask? The tattoo that Jodie Marsh decided to get is a full-facial image of Michael Jackson. She got it placed on her lower arm where anyone can see it as she walks down the street unless she happens to cover it up with long sleeves. There are numerous reasons that this tattoo is a bad idea. Most likely it was just an attention-getting stunt. Luckily with laser tattoo removal getting increasingly easy and affordable, it will be possible for Marsh to remove the tattoo down the line if she wants to do so. Question of the Day: Should Jodie Marsh get laser tattoo removal for her Michael Jackson tattoo?

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