Celebrity Tattoo Removal: 50 Cent

It's always interesting to learn about celebrities that are getting tattoos. It's even more interesting to see which celebrities decide that they don't want their tattoos anymore and opt to get them removed. It goes to show that everyone makes mistakes and that there are ways to remedy them if you so choose. One of the most recent celebrities to admit his tattoo mistakes is 50 Cent. The rapper has a whole bunch of different tattoos on his body. However, he's going to have less and less of them in the near future because he's going through tattoo removal to get a bunch of them taken off. Rumor has it that the reason he is getting tattoo removal is because he wants to be able to secure movie roles which is difficult when your body is covered with so many identifying marks. Other members of G-Unit say that they're not getting tattoos removed, in part due to fear of the pain. Question of the Day: Do you think it's a good idea that rapper 50 Cent is getting tattoo removal?

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