Celebrity Tattoo Mistake: Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra has gone ahead and committed the mistake that is probably the number one cause of celebrity tattoo removal. She has gone ahead and gotten a tattoo representative of her current romantic relationship with KORN guitarist Rob Patterson. According to HHE, there are several reasons to think that Carmen Electra may ultimately end up wanting to get tattoo removal for this act. These reasons include.

- She's only been with the guy for about a month.
- She's been married to two other celebrities in the past so she doesn't have a history suggesting lifelong commitment is going to be a reality.
- Both halves of the couple were major partiers in the recent past. They've settled down into hanging out at home together but that could potentially be a short-lived affair. One or the other may want to get back out and back to the party scene.
- The tattoo, an R behind her ear, is obviously representative specifically of the relationship and so there will be good cause to remove it if the relationship goes sour.

More power to Carmen Electra if she can manage to make this relationship work. But there are definitely some reasons to think that tattoo removal might be the end result of this recent infatuation-based move. Question of the Day: Do you think Carmen Electra is going to want laser tattoo removal?

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