Celebrity Tattoo Artists Talks About Tattoo Permanence

Earlier this year, Blast Magazine did an interview with celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth. The article is interesting because of Barth's vast array of big name clients (including Jonathan Davis of Korn and Nikki Six of Motley Crue). It's also interesting because of the unique celebrity services that he offers to his clients. You can read about all of that here. But what is most interesting perhaps is his take on the permanence of tattoos. When asked about the downside of being a tattoo artist, he says that the permanence of the art is a major drawback. The reason for this is related to the fact that the tattoo artist is always trying to create the perfect work of art on a client's body. But, of course, there is always something that can be done better. So while the customer might be happy with the tattoo, the tattoo artist feels that it isn't his or her best work. It's an interesting side of tattoo regret that we don't really get a chance to see that often. Of course, tattoo artists aren't likely to start asking their clients to get laser tattoo removal just so they can have a clean slate to perfect their work. They're generally happy that their clients are happy and that their work is out there being seen. But it's interesting to think about the fact that some tattoo artists may wish that their clients would get tattoo removal to erase some of their early tattooing mistakes from the history of their work. Question of the Day: What would you say if your tattoo artist asked you to get tattoo removal so he could start over?

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