Bad Ink?

A Swiss study may have discovered inconsistency in tattoo ink. According to Swiss Info, unapproved substances and germs were found within certain samples of tattoo ink when tested. These substances may lead to infection, or even cancer, for those tattooed by this contaminated ink. Officials in Sweden have demanded that tattoo shops bring their ink up to proper health codes, or risk being shut down. For those who have been tattooed with infected ink, officials recommend they see a physician for a full health test. Laser tattoo removal may help decrease the risk of cancer in these patients if caught early. The lasers used will help break up the ink particles in the skin, making it easier for the body's own immune system to dissolve the elements. Patrons should be very cautious and aware of the general hygiene of the tattoo parlor when getting a tattoo. If you are worried about infection from a tattoo you have received, please seek medical attention for treatment options.

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