Asking a Spouse to Get Tattoo Removal

There are many people out there in the world who have tattoos that their spouses don't like. But how many of them are being asked to get laser tattoo removal in order to make their honey happy? As tattoo removal becomes more and more common among the mainstream population, we may see a corresponding rise in the number of people who are getting tattoos removed in order to make someone else happy. The most common tattoo to get removed at someone else's request is, of course, the name of an old flame. Anyone who made the error of getting inked with the appellation of someone they once thought they loved can expect that future sweeties aren't going to be thrilled about the tattoo when things start to get serious. But even other types of tattoos might be subject to removal based on the preferences of a nagging wife or husband. Getting a tattoo should be a personal thing that you do just for yourself. And getting a tattoo removed should be rooted in the same kind of personal interest. But that's not always the case when you're part of a couple. Question of the Day: Would you ask your spouse to get a tattoo removed for you? photo link
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