3 Reasons to get Laser Tattoo Removal

The decision to get a tattoo is very personal, often tied to strong emotions or current trends that can change over time, making what was once a “statement” no longer relevant to your own life. When that time comes, laser tattoo removal can help erase the inky evidence of your past life. New techniques, including use of multiple wavelengths, can reduce or completely erase tattoos, leaving skin clear and intact. So why should you consider laser tattoo removal? There are lots of reasons, but here are just three:

1) You and your tats don't see eye to eye anymore. Possibly the number one reason for tattoo removal: your tastes/likes/significant others have changed since that moment you chose to record them on your skin. Maybe you had a tattoo put on in a moment of weakness, or felt particularly strongly about a specific image. But now, you’ve grown in other directions, and that tattoo isn’t a reflection of who you are anymore, or who you want to be.

2) It’s not earning points with the boss. Despite a more casual workplace overall, most employers – especially those that require you to be in front of the public – are not going to embrace your tats with open arms. If you really want to soar in your field, removing tattoos – especially large or visible ones – may be a move in the right direction.

3) You just don’t like them. Maybe it’s more than just the image of the tattoo that’s making you uncomfortable – maybe it’s just being tattooed at all. Studies show men and women are much more likely to get tattoos when they’re young. If you’re one of the majority, maybe you just don’t feel comfortable being tattooed now that you’re older.

No matter what your reason – and there are bound to be dozens of them – laser tattoo removal can help you come clean, and give your appearance a fresh start.

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