Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

You've been thinking of getting inked for some time now. After all, you're a creative person, and you go to an art school, so you'd fit right in. Yeah, it's true that if you get inked in certain, visible places, you might not be eligible for some jobs, but you would never work anywhere that you would not be allowed the freedom of artistic expression.

Plus, you also know that if for some reason you get tired of a tattoo, you could always have laser tattoo removal done. You start planning your tattoo designs – maybe you'd like on your ankle first. Oh, this will definitely be fun! It really is so convenient that they've invented laser tattoo removal, isn't it?

Then you talked to someone who was actually in the process of having a laser tattoo removal done. She's actually one of your classmates, and one day you saw her come into class with a big bandage on her arm. You asked her what happened to her, and she said, with a wince, that she was in the middle of having laser tattoo removal.

You thought that, if it ever became necessary for you to do, the laser would take it off quickly, no problem. But this girl said that would only be the case if you had a very small tattoo. As you were planning on at least getting a moderately-sized tattoo, that would definitely not be the case for you. It hurts, it's costly, and it takes a couple of sessions. Maybe you should stick to temporary tattoos.

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