Cost of Tattoo Removal

Oh, the things that we do in the prime of our youth that years later we come to regret. One of those things is a tattoo. Thousands of people wished that they hadn't gotten that tattoo, but feel like they are stuck with these blemishes. But that isn't true. Tattoos are not permanent. The cost of tattoo removal for laser treatments can range from $50 to $500, depending on the type of tattoo and the colors used.

If you can't afford this cost of tattoo removal, watch in the paper or Google your area for cosmetic dermatologists who offer free tattoo removal clinics. There are other treatment options available for tattoo removal besides lasers.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Options Include

Various methods are used to remove a tattoo. How well the removal procedure works depends on the depth of the ink and the types and colors of inks used.

• Excision - is where your cosmetic surgeon surgically removes the skin.

• Dermabrasion - is where the skin is scraped to remove the tattoo.

• Salabrasion - is where the skin is rubbed aggressively with salt or a salt sanding block to remove the tattoo.

• Laser - pulsated energy is used to break up the tattoo ink within the skin.

The cost of tattoo removal can vary depending on the type of treatment and the number of treatments required to successfully remove your tattoo. is a leading resource for cost of tattoo removal information. Search for a laser tattoo removal clinic in your area today!

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