How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Many individuals in the Southern Pines, North Carolina area have found laser tattoo removal helpful in removing an unwanted tattoo. Whether they find it offensive, embarrassing or they've simply grown tired of it and regret having gotten the tattoo in the first place, individuals who opt for laser tattoo removal often enjoy a good deal of success. It is important to speak with a tattoo removal specialist in the area before undergoing treatment to learn more about the process and to determine what results to expect, but a little background knowledge beforehand shouldn't hurt.

The laser tattoo removal process works by directing the laser energy toward the skin using the highly concentrated colored light beams. The laser energy breaks up the ink particles, fragmenting them. The particles are later cleaned up by the body's natural processes. Several sessions may be required to reach optimal results, and the exact number required will depend on various factors and circumstances. There are no incisions required with this procedure and laser tattoo removal is relatively bloodless. Only the pigment from the tattoo is targeted with this treatment so that the surrounding skin and tissue is not harmed.

There may be certain side effects with laser tattoo removal and patients should consult a trained professional in the Southern Pines community for further information. Hyperpigmentation (excessive color) and hypopigmentation (excessive fading) are possible side effects associated with the procedure. There is also a risk of infection and a small risk of permanent scarring as well. The skin may appear like it has been sunburned for a few months after the treatment, but this will eventually go away.

Those who are interested in this treatment to remove an unwanted tattoo should discuss their candidacy with a professional on staff. Those who have superficially placed tattoos on the arms, chest, buttocks and legs may be the best candidates. Those with fair skin are often better candidates for laser tattoo removal than those with darker skin. Tattoos on areas where there is less body fat such as the ankles, fingers, etc. may be more difficult to remove. Patients should consult a specialist to determine their candidacy for the procedure.

The size, location, age, application and the color of the tattoo may influence how successful removal procedures may be. The health of the patient, and therefore his or her ability to heal, may also influence the success of treatment. In general, newer tattoos may be more difficult to remove than older ones. So before undergoing treatment, it is important that patients speak with a trained specialist to determine how many sessions may be required and what kind of expectations one may have with this procedure.

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