Semi-Permanent Ink


Tattoos have been a popular addition to mainstream culture and have been widely promoted in the media as a trendy way to express oneself. Like many trends in popular society, the appeal fades as time goes by. However, tattoos are a permanent decision and are not easily removed. In response to increased demand for tattoo removal, scientists have developed a new type of tattoo ink called InfinitInk which can be removed in only one laser removal session. The ink is still permanent, but scientists have found a way to change the structure of the ink itself. The skin care company Freedom2 has developed this new ink. According to, "they have figured out a way to manipulate the ink so that it disperses pigment into the skin such a way that it is extracted by laser removal with far fewer treatments than conventional tattoo ink." Laser tattoo removal is not only expensive, but can be painful as well. InfinitInk keeps the cost of these painful procedures limited to one session, and makes the removal process quicker and easier for physicians.

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