Easier to Remove Ink

remove_ink_tattoo_blog_Mar09.jpg Infiniteink is a tattooing ink that has just been released to the public. The ink is permanent just like regular tattoo ink, however it said to be 2-3 times easier to remove than traditional ink. Currently if someone wants to get their body-art removed they require 5-7 sessions on laser tattoo removal, however with this new ink the makers are saying it will cut down on costs from multiple sessions and cut down on time. PR News Wire said, "Infinitink is a new tattoo ink. It is as permanent as today's conventional inks, but 2-3 times more easily removed should the consumer change their mind. Surveys indicate that 25% of people over the age of 18 have tattoos and another 25% are "fence-sitters," -- people who are interested in getting a tattoo but don't act on it. By offering consumers a tattoo ink that does not require a lifetime commitment, we believe we can appeal to a much wider audience, and potentially even double the size of the tattoo market." The new ink is aiming to make tattoo removal a more streamlined and efficient process. Especially with the new laws passed by the government to increase tattoo removal programs and pay for them for former gang-members and troubled youth.

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