New Tattoo Removal Laser Approved

The FDA has just given its approval to a medical laser company called Lutronic for a new multiple laser wavelength system called Spectra VRM III. The new laser machine is appropriate for many different types of treatments but is most interesting because it can be used for tattoo removal and may be more effective than other tattoo removal lasers currently on the market. Historically, there have been some tattoo colors which are difficult to remove. No matter how many laser tattoo removal treatments you get, those specific colors won't go away. This new laser may be able to effectively remove those colors which is a big step forward for tattoo removal.

"The key to this unique laser is its extremely high peak powers that allow the pulse width to be fixed at the shortest pulse width. This feature is unique and is not available today anywhere else in the industry." (source)

This new technology is going to be of interest to all types of people interested in cosmetic procedures. However, the area that it may have the most impact could be in tattoo removal. Question of the Day: Would you get laser tattoo removal if you knew that all of the colors in your tattoo could now be removed?

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