Would You Get a Crazy Tattoo for One Year?

Do you remember back when there was a guy who decided to get breast implants for a year? Most people thought that he was crazy but it gave him a whole lot of media exposure, raised him a decent amount of cash and certainly provided him with an interesting story to tell for the rest of his life. It makes you wonder whether there are people out there who would be willing to get a really crazy tattoo for a year. After all, laser tattoo removal makes it possible to get rid of the ink later. Yes, tattoo removal is expensive and can be painful but it's certainly not any worse than getting breast implants and then having them removed. Of course, for this to be interesting to the media it would have to be some sort of tattoo that was really out there. After all, tattoos are pretty mainstream these days. But someone could pull off the media hype with a highly offensive tattoo or one that was in a really unusual place (like the guy that just got his eyeball tattooed recently). Question of the Day: What would be a good tattoo for the kidn of crazy stunt that would require laser tattoo removal one year later? photo link
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