Why Susan Sarandon Probably Won't Get Tattoo Removal

Actress Susan Sarandon recently got people talking about celebrity tattoos after she got two different tattoos done - the first that she's ever gotten and slightly shocking since she's over the age of sixty. Although some people aer flapping their mouths about the fact that a woman of her age shouldn't be sporting new tattoos, chances are that Sarandon is going to be keeping those tattoos and avoiding some of the celebrity tattoo removal that her younger counterparts have gotten over the years. Her age is one major reason that Sarandon is probably not going to feel the urge to get celebrity tattoo removal. Sure, there's a chance that she got them as a spontaneous method of trying to recapture a feeling of youth. But chances are much more likely that the decision reflects the fact that Sarandon really thought about the tattoos before she got them done. When you put a lot of thought into the decision to get a tattoo, you're much less likely to have tattoo regret and go in search of tattoo removal down the line. Additionally, Sarandon's design incorporates features that are traditionally associated with long-lasting tattoos. Sarandon has three kids and the tattoos incorporate their initials into the design. Unlike celebrities who get names of their lovers tattooed on them, people who get tattoos representative of their kids tend to keep them over time. Question of the Day: What other reasons make it highly unlikely that Susan Sarandon will get celebrity tattoo removal? photo link
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