Who Can Legally Perform Your Tattoo Removal?

There was an article written for Marine Corps Times which discusses the ins and outs of tattoo removal. It's no surprise that the article garnered some attention since a large percentage of the people who get tattoo removal are military men. They get tattoos when they're young and then decide later on that the look isn't really for them, so they get a little bit of laser tattoo removal work done and they put their years of service behind them. So the basic topic of the article isn't surprising, but it does address an important aspect of tattoo removal that often gets missed in discussions. While most articles cover the basic information about how the tattoo removal process works and what the costs are, they don't go into information about who can perform tattoo removal. The reason for that may be because there's not a clear cut answer as to who can legally perform removal of tattoos. As was pointed out in the military tattoo removal article, rules vary from state to state. While much other plastic surgery is regulated by the FDA, they don't have rules as to who can purchase laser tattoo removal equipment so the regulation is done by the individual states. Some states have decided that operation of laser tattoo removal equipment is a medical procedure and that only doctors can do it. Others agree that it's medical and say that the procedure has to at least be supervised by a doctor. And other states don't regulate it at all. To be on the safe side, you should do your research into the person who is going to be performing your procedure. You can start by looking for a doctor who is part of our network here on the site. You should feel comfortable asking questions and getting all of your concerns addressed before the procedure is completed. Just because not all states are cautious doesn't mean you shouldn't be. photo link
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