What Parents Think about Tattoos

parentsandtattoos_tattoo_blog_june09.jpg When I was teenager, tattoos were still considered a taboo for parents, family members and in many cases society in general. Has the tattoo taboo shifted, or are we still seeing distraught parents? Nowadays it seems as if when a teenager gets body-art against his/her parents will, the parents have an easy outlet to get rid of it - tattoo removal. With tattoo removals becoming more readily accessible and cost-effective, parents may be in luck and less heartbroken when their son or daughter comes home clad in tattoos. A parent blogger from the Norwich Bulletin said, "Tattoos, which seem like such a drastic step - and one with potentially harmful health consequences - could be revisited for a stricter age limit, as drinking was when it was set at 21. At 21, people are young adults who are entering the workplace, and less likely to be swayed by wanting to be part of a group identity, but are rather guided by the person they have become." However some parents would like to see the tattoo age increased to 21, much like the drinking age. For many feel their children are not mature enough at 18 or even 19 to get a tattoo.
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