Valentine's Day Tattoo Woes

v-day_tattoo_tattoo_blog_Feb09.jpg This Saturday is Valentine's Day, and you know what that means: chocolate, roses and tattoos. Every V-Day tattoo parlours say they see an influx of lovebirds and couples coming in to mark their love and territory on their significant other. But don't people know the stigma about inking their partners initials onto their bodies? It's said to be doomed for despair and heartbreak. So my guess is after the wining, dining and swooning that happens every Valentine's Day, tattoo removal clinics see a flurry of heartbroken or regretful lovers hoping to remove their marks of love, nay despair. If you are one of the many tattoo-clad lovers taking the plunge to show your love to the world, think before you get inked. Many people end up with a case of buyer's remorse and ultimately end up spending the following weeks in a removal clinic getting their symbol of love lasered off.
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