Undo Tattoo @ Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth

A tattoo expo called The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth seems like an unlikely place for a tattoo removal information booth. Or maybe it doesn't. After all, all of the people coming to the convention are interested in tattoos and maybe some will find that they don't want what they thought they wanted at the time that they got it put on to their skin. At least that must be the thinking behind the Undo Tattoo booth which had a spot at this year's 6th Annual expo in New Jersey. The booth was run by Dr. Douglas Ashendorf, a Livingston-based pain medicine specialist who was on site to let the tattoo aficionados know about their options for removing the items they'd just gotten put on at the expo. It can be thrilling to get yourself a tattoo in the midst of a convention like that so it's nice to know what your options are if you wake up in the morning and realize that your spontaneous tattoo choice was a mistake. Ashendorf's service is said to be painless and come at a cost of $50 per square inch. Learn more about the expo here.
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