UK Explores Pain-Free Tattoo Removal Cream That May Actually Work

Tattoo removal creams have traditionally gotten a bad reputation because of the fact that they are mostly ineffective. Although some tattoo removal creams are efficient at fading out tattoos, most of them just don't work on the average tattoo which means you waste time and money to get no results. But what if the cream wasn't a topical cream, what if it was injected? That's an option that UK-based tattoo removal doctors are exploring right now and one that they say is really working. The basic idea is that a cream is injected into the skin over the tattoo in much the same way that the tattoo itself was injected. The cream breaks up the pigment of the tattoo and forces it out of the body through the formation of a scab. According to reports, the new procedures is less painful than laser tattoo removal and is just as effective. The main problem is that there seems to be a higher risk of scarring with this procedure than with laser tattoo removal although doctors say that you can do things to minimize that risk. It's not something that is available globally right now but it's a tattoo removal procedure to keep an eye on. Learn more about this new tattoo removal technique here. Question of the Day: What do you think about the effectiveness of using an injectable tattoo removal cream instead of laser tattoo removal procedures?

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