Top Tattoos Destined for Removal

The good the bad and the ugly. When it comes to tattoos many men and women are prone to making foolish or hasty decisions. Here are some of the most popular and most wretched tattoos, most of which result in tattoo removal. 1. Lower Back Tattoos: Most notably referred to as the "tramp stamp" lower back tattoo is a poor idea for men and women. Tattoo removal clinics have reported this may be one of the most common areas for removal. 2. Comic Book Superheroes: David Letterman poked fun of these tattoos. They may be ever mans guilty pleasure, but boys, keep them a secret. Your girlfriend and buddies don't need to see superman clad on your arm. 3. Barbed Wire: The infamous bad-boy tattoo is a no-no. Usually planted on a buff bicep, these tattoos are also known to be removed shortly after being inked. 4. Chinese Symbols: The stereotypical "I want to be original" tattoo. Do you really know what your symbol actually means? Everyone's got one, why should you do it too. 5. Names: The notorious ex-flames name or initials. Bound of relationship turmoil and removal. These are probably one of the most commonly removed tattoos. Avoid the everlasting love tattoo, and opt for maybe henna next time. Photolink
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