Thousands Attend International Tattoo Convention

Tattoo_Convention_Tattoo_Blog_April09.jpg More than 5,000 tattoo aficionados attended the London based international tattoo convention. The convention further solidified the fact that the tattooing and tattoo removal industries are still strong even in economic gloom and doom. Artists and fans flew from Singapore and Mexico to see some of the industries finest and newest trends. With the influx of tattoo fans, parlors and artists in the market, it is likely that tattoo removal will increase in 2009-2010 as well. Since the trend has always been with an increase in tattooing (especially among Generation Y), there is an increase in tattoo removal due. Just yesterday we noted that the removal industry has also seen positive returns during the global financial crisis. This has been due in part to competitiveness in the workplace, vying for jobs or simply buyers remorse. Regardless both tattooing and tattoo removal seem to be on the rise worldwide.
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