This Weeks Candidate for Tattoo Removal

finger_tattoo_tattoo_blog_Feb09.jpg So every week we try to find the best candidate for tattoo removal. This week it is Lilly Allen with her recent body-ink on her pointer finger that says "Shhhh." Quite similar to her fellow singing counterpart Rihanna, Allen is not keeping quite about her new tattoo-clad finger. Released on her Twitter page, Allen wrote "New tatt, SHHH." We'll see if she decides to get the not-so coy tattoo removed within the near future, as many of these celebrity-induced trends lose their fashion appeal fairly quickly. If the famous singer does opt for tattoo removal, she has can join the millions of people who are choosing to remove their body-art. Though if it is Hollywood trend, we are likely to see hundreds more get the Shhh tattoo with hopes of looking like their favorite start-studded diva.
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