The Problem With China's Tattoo Removal Lasers

One of the tattoo removal specialists in our network, Tattoo MD in California, has brought an important issue to light in a recent blog post on their website. That is the issue of where the products for laser tattoo removal are made. The specialist notes that the business has been approached by manufacturers in China who are offering a significantly lower cost on laser tattoo removal equipment than is available here in the United States. There are several issues of concern with this which have prompted the specialist to choose to pay the higher price for higher quality equipment. One of the major problems with tattoo removal lasers from other countries is that they may not be approved by the FDA. Since all of the tattoo removal equipment used by legitimate American doctors must be FDA-approved, this negates the use of these pieces of equipment. Additional concerns include the potential that the laser is of lower quality than what is available here and issues about who to contact for repairs of equipment. Question of the Day: Do you believe that doctors should avoid the use of tattoo removal lasers manufactured in other countries? photo link
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