The Media Is Hot For Tattoo Removal Stories

Laser tattoo removal is something that is getting more and more attention from the mainstream population. And that means that tattoo removal is something that people in the media want to report on because they know that there are people who want to read about this increasingly hot topic. For example, take a look at this advertisement in a Florida newspaper:
"Regret the tat? Times-Union wants to hear from you! The Times-Union is working on a story about tattoo removal and want to talk to people who have gone through the procedure or are having second thoughts about their skin art."(source)
This is just one example of a mainstream media source that is seeking out information from people about their tattoo removal experiences. Celebrity gossip sites are hungry for celebrity tattoo removal stories. Teen gang prevention reporters are looking into tales of gang tattoo removal. It's a hot topic right now. Question of the Day: What is making laser tattoo removal such a hot topic right now? photo link
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