The Lower Back Tattoo

Lower_back_tattoo_blog_july09.JPG Many trends come and go, and there was a time when lower back tattoos on women were a very popular trend. However, the trend has ceased and there is a now negative stigma surrounding that particular tattoo location. Dermatologists see an increased number of women who ask for tattoo removal on their lower backs, especially as women reach ages above 30. "Personally, I love tattooing that spot and it's a beautiful area. Then somebody came along and coined the term 'tramp stamp.' Virtually overnight that spot's not popular anymore." says a local tattoo artist to CTV News. One issue which prompts tattooed women to see the dermatologist is pregnancy. When going into labor, some doctors will not give an epidural to women with a lower back tattoos. Although tests have proven that infection cannot occur, some doctors will either refuse or administer the epidural in an area that will not distort the tattoo. Women looking to have their lower back tattoo removed should visit a physician for options on removal and to answer any specific questions they may have.
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