Tattooing Regulated?

tattoo_laws_tattoo_blog_Apr09.jpg Should the tattoo industry be regulated? You tell me. Some residents and even tattoo artists are saying the industry needs a stronghold of regulations. In a large number of states in the United States to open a tattoo parlor it's plain and simple: tattoo, artist and ink. However, some states like Minnesota require licensing and other strict regulations deployed by the state. Star Tribune said, "The bill would mandate standard health-related practices for artists and require training and inspections. If local regulations met or exceeded the bill's requirements, providers would be exempt from the license requirement but still subject to inspection. Supporters say the bill would protect the health of patrons who visit these increasingly mainstream businesses. Opponents call the changes burdensome, unnecessary and even anti-competitive." A large number of states have begun discussing more regulations and sanctions, because the industry has boomed in the last 5-years. Officials want to make sure the right people are inking the right customers, protection from fraud and health issues is vital. However, for people remorseful of their decision, tattoo removal options are readily available.
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