Tattoo Scammers

backyard_tattoo_artist_tattoo_blog_Feb09.jpg As backyard tattoo artists increase so do the number of people opting for removal procedures. Many find themselves tainted by their body ink, many of which were done at parties and functions at someones home. The age demographic going to parties to get some body art is 16-20, while most proper tattoo parlors tend to see older people. "Davin Evans, of Tuckers Tattoos at Kallangur, said he saw at least two people a week who had been to backyard tattooists, while Tracey Jeynes, owner of Tattoo Modification and Removal, said 10-15 percent of her clients had been to backyard tattooists." Likewise, many backyard tattoos are disease infected with hepatitis A, B and C among other more dangerous diseases.
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