Tattoo Sanctions

tattoo_parlor_tatto_blog_Feb09.jpg A city in California is debating whether or not tattoo parlors should be allowed. The temporary law if passed will not allow new tattoo parlors to open in Menifee, California, the city council will be voting this week. The Californian said, "If approved, the moratorium would remain in effect while city leaders investigate tattoo parlors, including whether they attract crime, what parts of the city they should be allowed to open in, heath concerns associated with them, and whether they're the type of business city leaders want to allow in Menifee." This comes in a recent wave of sanctions and moratoriums for tattoo parlors, artists and even against employees with tattoos. The first to go was tattoos for government employees, police and fire departments and now many states nationwide are taking stringent sanctions against tattoo parlors, thinking many attract gang-culture. As these restrictions have become more tight, the tattoo removal industry has boomed with more and more remorseful patients looking to remove their body ink.
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