Tattoo Removal's Best Candidate

Late last week an the Tourism Queensland in Australia released a job advertisement dubbed "the best job in the world" - the ad told eager job-seekers they could caretake an island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and get paid $150,00AUD. Over 850,000 reportedly applied for this easy going island job, but one very excited person, who must be feeling the ramifications of job loss and the global financial crisis took her passion for sandy beaches too far. She is this weeks best candidate for tattoo removal. The Australian woman named "Tegan" according to her YouTube video got a tattoo of the best job in the world advertisement on her arm. In hopes of showing her passion and dedication to the position to people around the world. Tegan seems to be a perfect candidate for tattoo removal - as are most people who opt for hasty body-ink. If Tegan doesn't actually get the job - she should book an appointment at the 1st tattoo removal clinic she sees.
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