Tattoo Removal Waiting List

gang_tattoo_removal_tattoo_Blog_June09.jpg Tattoo removal for former gang members has been a California initiative which has drawn much scrutiny and press in the past few months. Now reports from various locations in California have come out saying in fact that some clinics have massive waiting lists and they keep growing. Some government funded tattoo removal clinics offer free removal for former gang members looking to erase their past. ABC in Fresno, CA said, "A grant is funding a state-of-the-art tattoo removal machine to help gang members get jobs when they're serious about leaving the lifestyle. 151 people are already on the list to get tattoos removed. But there is a catch; you have to be willing to give back to the community while undergoing the treatment." The removal will be donated free of charge as long as the person committed to the removal gives back 20-hours of community service for as long as their treatment lasts. This is generally a few months time, as laser removal sessions require 6-7 times over the course of a couple months.
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