Tattoo Removal Program

TattooRemoval_Tattoo_blog_June09.jpg A tattoo removal program in and around Sacramento, California will be helping people erase their past and move forward with the chance of a new job and no tattoo. As we are in the midst of an economic downturn, securing employment is quite the crafty and tumultuous task. Employers are looking for the most competitive potential employees, and that being said many feel tattoos are not the best choice for hiring someone. The Daily Democrat said of this initiative, "The Regional Tattoo Removal Program is accountability based and requires each participant to complete 24 hours of community service and demonstrate participation in one of the following areas: employment, vocational program or school.Removal Program to provide free tattoo removal services to people desiring to disassociate themselves from the gang lifestyle and increase their educational and career opportunities," Ancheta said. The program is being run through the Northern Regional Tattoo Removal Program.
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