Tattoo Removal Pictures: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

There is a lot of information about tattoo removal on this site (and around the web) but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the best tattoo removal photos available on the web. Some are informative, some are interesting and some are just plain weird. Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure. Here's basically what it's going to look like if you go to get laser tattoo removal. (You'll be the one laying down getting worked on.) Tattoo Removal Machine. This is one example of what a laser tattoo removal machine may look like. Fading Away. Here's a close look at what a tattoo will look like between the time that you've started getting tattoo removal and the time when it's actually done. Fading: Take Two. Here's another look at what it's going to look like to start getting laser tattoo removal. This is after a first treatment. Burn Baby Burn. This image shows how it's going to be a little sore and painful immediately after you get tattoo removal. Don't Do It Yourself. Here's a look at why you don't want to do your own tattoo removal. Free Tattoo Removal. Eek, what's this picture all about? Doesn't look like it could be anything good. We'll stick to laser tattoo removal, thanks.
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