Tattoo Removal on TV - Prison Break

Back in May, a red carpet report indicated that one of television's favorite tattoos was going to be removed for the new season. The tattoo on Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) on the show Prison Break was integral to the plot of the show in the past. However, it is no longer integral to the character's plot and it was determined that he would go through tattoo removal to get rid of that part of the character's past. Despite the fact that the announcement regarding the tattoo removal was made earlier in the year, fans of the show seemed surprised when the show aired this week and the tattoo removal took place. Because the tattoo was such an integral part of the character, it was necessary to work the topic of tattoo removal into the plot of the show. There was some debate about this (the fact that he got total upper body tattoo removal quickly and without sedatives was dubious to those people who understand the complex realities of the tattoo removal process. But ultimately the actor is glad that the tattoo removal was incorporated into the plot because it means the intricate tattoo no longer has to be applied before shooting. Question of the Day: Is it interesting that the tattoo removal was such a small part of the plot of Prison Break when the tattoo itself was so integral to the storyline? photo link
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