Tattoo Removal Laws

tatto_removal_law_tatto_blog_Feb09.jpg Tattoo removal for inmates has been a recent phenomena, more specifically the removal of gang related tattoos as a way for former members to detach. In Indiana a new law may be passed that taxpayers will pay more for inmates about to released from prison to remove their tattoos. The reason this idea has been receiving much notoriety (both positive and negative feedback) is because many inmates are unable to get viable positions post-jail sentence because of their visible tattoos. "People judge you by your tattoos. Even though we all say we don't do that, all of us do," said Dr. Michelle Zormeier. "And if anyone sees somebody with lots of tattoos on them, they almost want to run the other way."After the tattoo removal, ex-offenders will be more likely to get jobs, making it less likely that they'll return to prison, sponsors said." The Indy Channel News has been reporting on this new loosened law, though its bound to get huge coverage shortly.
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