Tattoo Removal Gets Franchised

If you didn't believe the rumors and reports that tattoo removal is getting increasingly popular, perhaps the fact that it is now an option for a franchise business will tip your tides in favor of belief. The franchise allows nearly anyone to open a tattoo removal shop. What this means for you is that it's more important than ever to make sure that you do your research and find a great tattoo removal doctor so that your removal goes smoothly. The franchise (called Rethink Your Ink) comes with a network of opportunities for the enterprising business person. It offers the equipment needed for laser tattoo removal, training to complete the tattoo removal and liability insurance. It also offers computer software technology for creating a database that will keep track of patients, making it possible for the franchises to rapidly book clients and add new ones without difficulty. No one is saying that Rethink Your Ink is a bad place to get tattoo removal. However, it's strongly recommended by tattoo removal experts that you get your removal done at a doctor's office rather than at a med spa or a franchise location. Check our network to find a doctor located near you. Discuss your options (which include laser tattoo removal) to make sure that you choose a solution that is right for you. Question of the Day: What is your initial reaction to the idea of a tattoo removal franchise? photo link
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