Tattoo Removal Gains Priority in Scotland

In the past, the hospitals of Scotland have struggled to make sure that all patients are seen within a timely manner. Those patients with surgery requests that are considered to be of low priority - which has included people seeking laser tattoo removal - have been pushed to the end of the line. This means they have had to wait a long time before being seen by a doctor for their requested tattoo removal. However, the situation is improving and those lower-priority patients are starting to get attention from professionals who are concerned about this issue. Scotland hospitals have set up "target times" within which a patient should be seen by the doctor. Any patient referred to the hospital is supposed to be seen within eighteen weeks of the time of the referral. In the past, this target time has not applied to people seeking tattoo removal. However, it now does include those people which means that people who want to get tattoos removed now have a better chance of getting a prompt appointment than was the case in the past. There are still some flaws in the system. Approximately one percent of patients are not seen within the target date - this may or may not include patients seeking tattoo removal. However, things are getting better and people are able to get the work done that they want or need to have done. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Should a patient seeking tattoo removal have to be seen within eighteen weeks of hospital referral? photo link
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