Tattoo Removal Demand Hasn't Peaked Yet

There is an article on tattoo removal over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch which makes a really interesting point. That point is that tattoo removal is on the rise but that it isn't anywhere near reaching its peak yet. Although more people are starting to realize that tattoo removal is an option for them to consider, only a small percentage of those people are using laser tattoo removal to get their ink off of their bodies. That percentage is going to grow, possibly for years to come. One dermatologist quoted in the article says that laser tattoo removal has risen considerably in the last ten years. She notes that it made up less than one percent of the office's business back then but counts for about ten percent of the business they get these days. However, another professional quoted in the article says that it's going to be another ten years before the use of tattoo removal by the average consumer really hits its peak. There are many reasons that tattoo removal continues to be on the rise. For one thing, celebrity tattoo removal is increasingly popular which means that it will continue to trickle down to their fans. For another, people are just starting to realize how affordable an option this might be for them. It's not cheap but it's also not prohibitively expensive and as people start to gain awareness of that fact, tattoo removal will grow. Not surprisingly, the reasons for tattoo removal remain the same amongst the general population even as the actual practice of tattoo removal goes up. Removing an ex-lover's name is the biggest reason that people seek out removal of their tattoos. Bad tattoos, a change in professional demeanor and just plain growing up are other common reasons that tattoo removal is desirable to the average person. Question of the Day: When do you predict that tattoo removal rates will hit their peak?

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