Tattoo Removal at the Eddies

If you're a fan of beer commercials, you're probably familiar with The Eddies. These are the awards that are given out each year to people competing to win the title of "best beer ad". There's a video commercial category, a print ad category and a whole lot of good times going on. And in this year's competition, there was the mention of tattoo removal among the winners. The third place winner in the print ad category this year was someone named Dion Alexander who snagged $750 in cash for an ad called "Regret the Tattoo, Not the Beer". This is just another indicator that tattoo regret and tattoo removal are starting to really make their way into mainstream marketing. We saw it happen not too long ago with the new Yellowbook ads that show someone trying to find a tattoo removal doctor. Other ads have shown a tattoo revealed accidentally in bed that hints at immediate tattoo regret. Before you know it, tattoo removal is just going to be a common place thing that everyone has had done or knows someone who has. Question of the Day: What other ads have you seen that feature tattoo regret or tattoo removal? photo link
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