Tattoo Parlors still Busy

tattoo_parlors_tattoo_blog_Mar09.jpg Although we are in a world economic crisis at the moment it seems to be that tattoo parlors are still thriving. But with the increase in tattoo parlors and people going in for body art, it also means increased numbers of tattoo removal cases. The two seem to go hand in hand. As more and more people get tattoos, many later realize they don't want them for any number of reasons, so they opt for removing their formerly 'permanent' body art. Seattle's local NBC affiliate reported on the increased numbers, "Other tattoo shops we spoke with said they are seeing more people stretch more expensive body art projects over longer spans of time. But for the most part, their business remains steady." Despite the recession blues, tattoo parlors are still inking up patrons, so hopefully within a short while we will see what the numbers are for tattoo removal clinics in a post-credit crisis environment.
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