Tattoo Artists Talk People Out of Bad Tattoos

There is an article online right now that discusses the growth of tattoo art (and its more widespread acceptance) throughout the world in general and particularly in the country of Ireland. One of the things that is noted is that there is no regulation of tattoo artists in the country - but it's also pointed out that tattoo artists tend to feel a sense of moral obligation to give their clients a high quality of product. This sometimes leads tattoo artists to actually recommend that potential clients not get tattoos. For example, when someone comes in and what's the name of a lover tattooed on them, the tattoo artist will typically tell the person all of the reasons that this is a bad idea. If it is indeed true that tattoo artists are taking it upon themselves to help their clients to make good decisions about the tattoos that they do and do not get then it may be possible that tattoo artists are helping people to avoid needing to get tattoo removal down the line. Tattoo regret typically comes from a poor tattoo choice; avoiding that choice leads to avoiding tattoo removal. Question of the Day: Are tattoo artists helping people to avoid tattoo removal by advising them against getting regrettable tattoos? photo link
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