Shift in Military Rules Regarding Tattoos

There once was a time when almost everyone in certain branches of the military had some type of tattoo, usually one that represented the commitment that he or she had made to serve the country. However, rules have changed about tattoos in the military and this has caused some people to have to get laser tattoo removal after making tattoo mistakes. Here are some of the rules about tattoos in the military according to this report:
- Marines: No tattoos on the head or neck. No tattoos on the upper arm or legs that are visible when wearing military-regulation shorts and T-shirt. No sleeve tattoos.
- Army: No tattoos on the head or face except for permanent make-up tattoos.
- Navy: No obscene or discriminatory tattoos.
Those people who are serving in the military and who make the mistake of getting one of the tattoos that is a violation of the rules for their branch may end up needing to get laser tattoo removal to remedy their mistakes. Question of the Day: How did it become the case that tattoos in the military went from a rite of passage to a prohibited thing? photo link
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