ROTC Student Saved From Need for Tattoo Removal

The Times-News from has a story that aptly describes how it is possible to avoid tattoo removal by making tattoo choices that will not lead to tattoo regret. The story is about an ROTC student who thought that he wanted to get a tattoo because others in the service had so many of them. A wiser man in the service advised him to avoid getting a tattoo and years later the ROTC student actually wrote to thank him for the advice. It is very common for people in groups to consider getting tattoos because the bonds of the group feel so strong at the time. The military services are a perfect example of this but it is also seen in other settings such as fraternities. What these people often learn down the line is that their bonds aren't as strong as they though - and aren't as lasting as the tattoos. Many of these people end up getting tattoo removal later after those bonds have been broken and the tattoos seem less important. Question of the Day: Is it more common for military people to get laser tattoo removal than it is for the average person to do so? photo link
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