Recession and Tattoos

Salt_Lake_City_tattoo_convention_tattoo_blog_Feb2009.jpg At the 6th annual Salt Lake City international tattoo convention, many vendors promulgated their fears about the declining tattoo industry. Much like financial services, technology, healthcare, and other industries, the tattoo world is struggling to stay afloat – as people are opting against body-art to save a few hundred dollars. However, at the convention many tattoo artists said they are not too concerned about the recent trend. So does this mean the tattoo removal industry will be taking a hit? Or are people still willing to pay for removing their unwanted body-ink? Similarly, many of the tattoo artists attending the convention were hoping to warn consumers seeking a deal with tattoos. They said that a bad tattoo can not only leave a tarnished mark, but ultimately cost you more in removal fees. So if you are looking to get a tattoo or remove one for that matter, do not go on a bargain hunt. It is worth your dime to go to a proper tattoo parlour and a licensed tattoo removal clinic.
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